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We guide you through the path of data collection, reduction and analysis to give you the knowledge you need to push your business to new horizons

OMT Digital works in close partnership with its customers to provide the best digital solution for their needs.

Industrial software and
big data analytics

  • Data science now provides powerful tools for automatically detecting trends in data collected on the field from products and processes and correlating them with performance characteristics like product lifetime or process quality.
  • OMT Digital develops robust and scalable industrial software for implementing machine learning algorithms, data storage and transmission structures, remote user interfaces and all that is needed to enable its customers to implement new data based business models.

Custom AI Strategies

  • Artificial Intelligence has become a growth force in business and is infiltrating every industry. It is rapidly developing today, attracting interest and investment from private companies and public bodies across sectors. Artificial Intelligence leverages historical data and connects the dots in real time for prescriptive and predictive intelligence.
  • OMT Digital helps companies establish their AI strategy by providing AI services that transform client’s data into capability to reduce risk, optimize operations, predict future events, minimise asset’s downtime, and accelerate company growth.
  • We provide AI and ML solutions that focus on creating rule-based algorithms to identify patterns, detect anomalies, build custom dashboards that permit real-time asset health monitoring, and promote informed decision-making.

Custom sensors

  • Big data analytics provide powerful tools for extracting knowledge from data. However, it all starts with data and how it can be measured. While industrial processes can rely on the use of standard sensors for data measurement, this is not always the case for connected products.
  • Space and cost constraints often become obstacles to the use of off-the-shelf standard sensors to create connected products, so that custom sensors must be developed together with the product.
  • OMT Digital works in close partnership with the customer to identify the sensing needs and devise the best measurement strategies and technologies to capture significant trends in key physical quantities which can give insight into product operation.
  • Wherever you need to measure temperature, pressure, deformation, vibration or other physical quantities we can help you integrate a suitable sensing element in your product, minimising cost while retaining the ability to extract meaningful data.

Custom electronics

  • When using custom sensors into products it is often necessary to develop dedicated electronic circuitry for acquiring, digitising, conditioning sensor data and transmitting it to the edge processor in the field in any customer defined format.
  • OMT Digital develops such electronics and implement any custom or standard transmission protocol so that the product can communicate with the data acquisition and processing system.